Many studies have shown the positive effect that a clean environment has on worker productivity. It is also no secret that getting staff to keep an office space clean is not an easy task. Over the years we have encountered many office situations where office cleaning issues had become a significant distraction and issue of contention between workers and management.

Using a professional Office Cleaning Service can solve all of these issues and reduce operating costs!

Reduce Office Cleaning Costs:

When employees are responsible for office cleaning their productive potential is being wasted. Every employee should focus on the tasks that they were hired and responsible for. Cleaning can become a distraction, a point of contention and waste of that employees time. A happy employee is always a more productive worker.

Using outsourced cleaning services will save money on maintenance costs. You will no longer need to spend money for cleaning equipment, uniforms, inventory, and other related cleaning expenses. If cleaning is not your core business a professional cleaner should be exactly what you are looking for to save money and make the process of cleaning a more efficient process.

Castle Cleaning can help keep your cleaning costs down to a bare minimum starting at only $25 per hour.

Customer/Client Satisfaction

We have all been there… Visiting the relatives, an office, a store and its a mess. Your clients and customers will judge the cleanliness of every space they enter. Keeping your offices’ premises in pristine condition will lead to increased customer retention and happier clients. It would be a shame to loose a highly valuable client or potential client because of a dirty office.

Workplace Hygiene is Very Important

A hygienic office workplace is a healthy office workplace. A clean sanity office environment will reduce the overall number of sick days your employees take. A clean office also gives a better sense of overall well being and will help reduce office staff turnover rates.

Better Office Cleaning Results

Professional cleaning companies specialize in cleaning. We utilize the best products, equipment and cleaning techniques. Our cleaning technicians are professionally trained and experienced to do the job right every time. Our cleaners are familiar with the latest all natural cleaning solutions and are trained safety and handling procedures.

Choose a Professional Office Cleaning Company

When it comes to office cleaning experience matters. Don’t trust just any company for the job. Castle Cleaning has been successfully cleaning offices in Vancouver for many years. Our cleaning staff are professionally trained and very efficient at what they do. A detailed cleaning plan is followed for each client and only the best quality natural cleaning products and cleaning techniques are used.