Window Cleaning – Commercial and Residential

Castle Cleaning Services offers interior and exterior window cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial buildings of any size. Skylight cleaning services are also available. Several key factors set our window cleaning services apart form other companies:

  • We employ in-house cleaning teams
  • High quality, eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Experienced and professional cleaning techniques
  • Superior customer service
  • Hundreds of repeat clients

Superior Window Washing Technique

Depending on your window cleaning requirements we can utilize several cleaning methods. Typically cloth applicators with a squeegee finish are used for residential window cleaning. For bevelled, leaded glass and heritage-style small windows we hand wash using cloth and chamois.

For commercial and retail window cleaning we use water-fed Tucker Poles for commercial clustered glass. This method usually provides the most efficient and cost effective cleaning method for our clients.

Post construction window cleaning services are also available.