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Vancouver commercial cleaning services without compare. We are so confident in our abilities to deliver Vancouver’s most outstanding commercial cleaning services that we offer a no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee (if you are not happy with any aspect of our cleaning we will make it right at no extra charge to you). Our in-house crew of professional cleaners are hard at work throughout the Metro Vancouver region 24/7. For this reason we can usually offer fast, same day commercial cleaning services and emergency cleaning if required.

We can easily schedule our cleaning services to suit the most convenient times for your business, home or retail cleaning requirements. Our $25/hour + supplies low cleaning rates, professionally trained in-house staff, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service is the backbone to our success and we invite you to put our commercial cleaning services to the test. We are happy to do one-off cleaning jobs and can also set up scheduled cleaning routines.

We always offer free quotes before any work is started. Our invoices are presented in a simple and clear language with itemized details of all the work completed. There are no extra hidden fees or small print surprises. For large and more complex or specialty cleaning projects our cleaning managers are available for complimentary on-site visits to fully assess the level of work so they can give an accurate quote.

Castle Cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products to ensure the healthy and safety of your staff, customers, workplace environment and our cleaning teams. Castle Cleaning also provides floor waxing and polishing, window cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

Why Choose A Professional Cleaning Service?

A clean building, office or retail space says a lot about your business. A clean building also provides a safe, healthy environment for you, your employees and your visitors. If you want to guarantee the best chance of a customers’ repeat business than taking the cleanliness of your interior and exterior space must be a top priority.

Keep your staff happy and focused. Lets be honest. Nobody really likes to clean. Especially when that cleaning falls outside of your job description. We have had many clients over the years witness a dramatic increase in overall office happiness and productivity once professional cleaning services were implemented. By having a commercial cleaning company handle all the cleaning needs this frees up even more time for your employees to do what they were trained to do.

We are cleaning professionals. We know what products to use and how to use them in the most efficient manner possible. We clean with a great attention to detail. We follow strict cleaning protocols so that we don’t miss anything. We treat every cleaning job as a chance to impress our clients and build a solid, mutually beneficial working relationship. Castle Cleaning relies on word-of-mouth referrals and every cleaning job presents that opportunity. We truly value your business and will work hard at every opportunity to impress.

Cheap Commercial Cleaning Rates

affordable commercial cleaning

Our Vancouver commercial cleaning rates start at just $25/hour making us the most economical option for your professional cleaning requirements. We can offer this low rate because we do a high volume of cleaning projects throughout the Metro Vancouver region. Because our cleaners are already working on a variety of jobs throughout the city, adding extra work to our schedule is not a problem. The elimination of extra travel costs and brining on new staff for short periods of time is reduced and we can pass that savings on to you.

Exceptional Customer Service

This is where Castle Cleaning excels. We are totally committed to giving an unmatched level of customer service. Our friendly and courteous commercial cleaning managers are always available to meet in person, over the phone or by email to discuss your commercial cleaning project. We offer free quotes on all cleaning jobs. We always offer complimentary on-site visits for more large, complex cleaning projects. If you have any questions about our commercial cleaning services, billing or need customized cleaning solutions we are here to listen and will always present honest answers and advice.

24/7 Vancouver Cleaning Services

Our Vancouver commercial cleaning services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with your businesses schedule to limit any disruptions to your workforce or customers. We can do early morning cleaning and late night cleaning work too. With our cleaning crews on the road throughout Metro Vancouver we can usually offer fast, same day cleaning services.

Highly Experienced Cleaning Staff

Our cleaning staff is the strength of our business. We only hire and keep the best. Our workers are highly trained, dedicated to their work and courteous. Much of our cleaning staff has been working with Castle Cleaning for many years and we are sure that you will notice the difference in the quality of work our people deliver. This is the number one reason why our clients come back to us for their commercial cleaning needs.

Vancouver Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We value the safety of our clients, their customers and our staff as a top priority. For this reason we use only certified environmentally safe products for all of our cleaning projects. Our cleaning staff is trained in techniques that employ environmentally friend practices.

Fully Insured Cleaning Services

Castle Cleaning is a fully insured and registered company. This protects you from any damage that could potentially occur or accidents to our people while working on your cleaning job. There is nothing to worry about when we are on the job!

Vancouver Commercial Cleaning Service Area

Castle Cleaning operates throughout the entire Metro Vancouver region. We have cleaning crews on the road every day in Vancouver city. We proudly serve all of the communities within Vancouver city including:

  1. West Point Grey
  2. Arbutus Ridge
  3. Dunbar
  4. Kerrisdale
  5. Kitsilano
  6. Downtown Vancouver
  7. Granville Island
  8. Hastings – Sunrise
  9. Mount Pleasant
  10. Oakridge
  11. Marpole
  12. South Vancouver
  13. Killarney
  14. The East Side

Vancouver commercial cleaning service map

Vancouver Restaurant, Food Services and Commercial Kitchens

We specialize in restaurant, food services, nightclub and bar commercial cleaning services. We also have the ability to keep your commercial kitchen in immaculate condition. We understand the importance of maintaining a super clean space for the success of your restaurant and to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our commercial cleaning services help to establish a comfortable and clean environment for your staff and customers. A clean restaurant is part of every successful brand. We know from experience that our cleaning services of helped to increase the level of business for our valued clients and that is what we always strive to achieve for all our restaurant, food services and commercial kitchen clients.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
We also have the ability to professionally clean all types of commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning rates are $40/hour + supplies. We take the extra time and care to make sure all your kitchen equipment is cleaned to meet the sanitary regulations set out by Vancouver Coastal Health. We know what it takes to keep restaurant inspectors happy :)

Vancouver Office Cleaning

A clean office space says a lot about your business and helps project the image we want all our customers and clients to notice. A clean office provides a safe, healthy environment for employees, customers, clients and regulators. If you want to guarantee the best chance of a customers’ repeat business than taking the cleanliness of your interior and exterior office space should be a top priority.

A professional office cleaning company can help keep your staff happy and focused on what they were paid to do. Many studies have shown that office staff do not like to take on any projects outside of their job descriptions… and lets be honest. Nobody really likes to clean. Put our office cleaning services to the test and experience the positive transformation inside your organization. Our commercial office cleaning will free up even more time for your employees and increase overall job satisfaction even further helping with office productivity.

Vancouver Construction Site Cleaning

Leave the heavy construction cleaning jobs to us! Your construction site needs to be kept clean to provide a safe and efficient working environment for everyone involved on the project. A clean site is also what top-rated building operations want to see. Your reputation with workers, builders and contractors could be improved by the way a construction site is cleaned and maintained. A well maintained and clean construction site will also keep you compliant with city inspections and WorkSafe BC.

Vancouver Educational Facility and School Cleaning

Castle Cleaning provides a full range of cleaning and janitorial services to keep your educational facility, school or daycare’s learning environment sanitary and neat while being 100% eco-friendly. We understand the tight budgetary pressures that schools face and the regulations to maintain clean and environmentally friendly spaces.

Castle Cleaning can handle both indoor and outdoor areas. We utilize the most efficient cleaning products and cleaning techniques to have your school in spotless condition while taking up the minimum amount of cleaning time. This ultimately saves you money over hiring in-house janitorial staff.

Vancouver Healthcare, Medical and Dental Office Cleaning

An important part of operating a successful healthcare facility or medical / dental practice is making a clean office space a top priority. While your patients wait they have lots of time to observe every cleanliness detail and smell. Studies have suggested that cleanliness is the second most important factor in determining the overall satisfaction a patient’s visit and that up to 77% of people would not return to a healthcare facility that had dirty restrooms.

Sanity clean conditions are also important for the health and safety of your patients and staff. Castle Cleaning works in partnership with healthcare professionals to provide the appropriate medical cleaning services that your practice requires. Our safe, effective and eco-friendly cleaning approach will kill and remove germs that can lead to odours and infections. An professionally clean and sanitary environment with reduced microbiological contaminants is a safer environment that looks and smells cleaner.

Vancouver Retail Space Cleaning

Your retail store interior and exterior appearance is absolutely essential to attract the best customers and maintain your brand’s good image. Whether you have a large retail location or a small specialty boutique Castle Cleaning Services offers professional retail cleaning services for all Metro Vancouver retail businesses. We can usually offer fast same day service and we make our cleaning schedule work for your businesses hours of operation.

Vancouver Residential and Home Cleaning Services

Residential and home cleaning services without compare is what we deliver to our clients everyday throughout Vancouver. We have low $25/hour home cleaning rates and only use the most environmentally and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in your home. Our in-house staff of friendly and professional cleaners is guaranteed to transform your living space into a thing of beauty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. No home cleaning project is too big or too small.

We also do a lot of work with property management and real estate companies and individual agents preparing houses, apartments, condos and timeshares for new tenants. We offer excellent move-in / move-out cleaning services for mangers, property owners and tenants.

Lavatory and Washroom Cleaning Services

Perhaps everything in your office is kept neat and clean. Our commercial cleaning services can be used to tackle to tough cleaning jobs that no body wants to do, like lavatories and washrooms. We specialize in washroom cleaning services and many companies use us to ensure bathrooms are kept in perfect sanitary condition.
We all know the restaurant bathroom test? If the bathroom is dirty what does that infer about the rest of the business… especially the kitchen? Many studies have shown that people will base their decision to return to a restaurant based on cleanliness. If you are a restaurant looking for washroom cleaning services then you have come to the right spot. Call to schedule your first service today, and experience for yourself the Castle Cleaning difference.

Book A Cleaning Appointment Today

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service that delivers on every level of price, quality, efficiency and ease of use? We even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Castle Cleaning is ready to take on your cleaning project. No job is too large or too small. Our managers are always available to give complimentary quotes over the phone or email. We can meet in person (at your location) to give complimentary quotes and advice on any cleaning project. We look forward to earning your business.