We can help keep your day care or child-oriented facilities professionally clean. The cleaning requirements for a daycare require special attention and we take great pride in taking those extra steps to ensure a clean premises that is safe and non-toxic.

Daycare Cleaning Services

We take the The health of your staff, clients, and children very seriously and optimize our cleaning services to suit those needs. We utilize the latest technology and Green cleaning products and materials to protect your daycare business and the people in it from exposure to harmful chemicals.

In a daycare setting we understand the importance of a clean floor and desk surface areas. Infection control through special disease fighting and sanitizing green chemicals, and emergency clean up kits give parents the confidence that they are leaving their child in a safe environment.

We have lots of experience working with government cleaning regulations and are well versed in the cleaning regulations that surround companies working with children and educational facilities.

Let Castle Cleaning Services handle the tough cleaning jobs so you and your staff and concentrate on what you do best. Having a cleaning company helping manage the cleanliness of your daycare takes one less concern off your shoulders.

Protecting Children’s Health

Germs and dirt are a part of the daycare environment. Children often come to daycare with a variety of germs and illnesses and the outdoors comes inside too. Having professional cleaning done on a regular basis will help reduce and limit the spread of infectious diseases. A clean daycare facility promotes the health of everyone who comes in contact with your business and the people who use it.

Daycare Green Cleaning Technology and Materials

We only use certified green chemicals, green products and the latest practices to ensure a non-toxic environment. Some of our cleaning products are hospital grade. We also employ micro-fiber cleaning cloths, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, and paper products classified as environmentally friendly when we work in a day care environment.

Day Care Floors and Surfaces

We target and sanitize the hot spots for germs and the floor is the biggest offender. In a day care setting and any place where small children play activities at the floor level are more common than in other workplaces. We also ensure that all other surfaces are cleaned to the highest standards. Other notoriously dirty items include toys, door handles, desktops, and play areas. We care care of all these items too.

Child Care Cleaning Regulations

We only use cleaning products that comply with strict government regulations required of a daycare.

Having Castle Cleaning as a partner to manage the cleaning of your facility will help you ensure that you are meeting cleanliness requirements for your business.

Green Cleaning Solutions

We use as many green cleaning techniques as possible with all of our clients. We use micro-fibre cloths as one example of reducing our use of wasteful paper towels. These cloths are not only more environmentally friendly but are far more effective at picking up dust and getting a deeper clean.