Clean Bars Lead to More Repeat Customers

A clean bar or nightclub is a very important factor for the overall success of your business. We understand the highly competitive nature of the bar services industry and that’s why you need Castle Cleaning Services. We keep your bar and nightclub in spotless condition so your business can thrive. You don’t have to add extra pressure, or rely on staff to keep a spotless and clean premises.

Allowing customers and guests to sit at a filthy bar is just bad for business. Patrons will presume that if the front of the house is unsanitary, the same is true for the kitchen. Bathroom cleanliness also leaves a major impression for your bars image.

The damage from a failed health inspection can also have a major impact on your businesses chance for success. Your bar or nightclub can be shut down for several days and the results are published in various public forums. The damage this can cause to a good reputation is unfathomable.

It is therefore extremely important that management institute a regimented and carefully supervised sanitation procedure. A professional cleaning service is an excellent way to ensure that this happens in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Bar Cleaning Schedules

Castle Cleaning Services will work closely with your nightclub to establish a cleaning schedule that allows your business to operate without distractions. Some sanitation-related items behind the bar require daily attention, and some things can be dealt with on a weekly basis. We can help establish the perfect schedule to optimize the cleanliness of your bar / nightclub.

Bar Cleaning Services

Front of House:

  • glassware
  • bar liquor displays
  • bottles behind the bar
  • condensation trays
  • refrigeration units
  • automatic glass cleaners
  • bar sinks
  • liquor pour spouts
  • soda and liquor dispenser nozzels

Back of House / Kitchen Cleaning Services:

  • kitchen equipment
  • grease traps
  • refrigerators and freezer rooms
  • offices and staff rooms
  • washrooms